Chicken Tortilla Soup is Back!

One of our crew members at Bravo recently spoke a heresy amongst the staff after his lunch break the other day.

He tried our new winter special, the Chicken Tortilla Soup with his meal.

He liked the soup so much he admitted that he liked it better than our indomitable Poblano Pork.

Naturally that stirred up controversy in the kitchen.

There is an entire legion of customers and Bravo staff alike that are die hard lovers of the Poblano Pork. So that’s really saying something about the Tortilla Soup.

This time of year is the perfect season for a delicious, flavorful soup.

Something to warm the soul from the inside out.

We make our Chicken Tortilla Soup from scratch, using the same world class chicken stock that makes our Chicken Verde, Chicken Mole, Mexi Rice, and other recipes so full flavored.

Our corn tortilla strips that top the soup are also made fresh every day. Something we feel we must do to make the best tasting experience for everyone.

I recently added the soup to our online menu, in two different sizes. A bowl that can be a meal all by itself, and a cup that can be a great add-on with a burrito.

It’s right at the top of the menu, nice and easy for you to find so you can add a little to your next order.

Our crew member may be right about how good the soup is. You’ll have to try it for yourself to judge.

I’ll likely wolf down a cup tomorrow when I’m back in the kitchen.

Here’s where to find that online menu.